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Researchers deserve the most optimized set of device for their research.
JuLI™ Stage’s related products will help them carry out studies in better experiment condition.

Vessel Holder

JuLI™ Stage is a fully-automated live cell imaging system that acquires cell images directly from multiple cell culture plates (6 to 384 wells) and dishes in an incubator.

JuLI™ Stage vessel holders support your microscope slides, cell culture dishes, flasks,
or micro-well plates to the stage of the system for increased precision.
These accessories make it easier to accommodate more cell contrainer type.

  • JVH001 JVH001 Micro Slide (26 x 76 mm)
  • JVH002 JVH002 Petri Dish (35 mm)
  • JVH003 JVH003 Petri Dish (60 mm)
  • JVH004 JVH004 Petri Dish (100 mm)
  • JVH005 JVH005 T-Flask (25 & 75 cm2)
  • Basic Component with System Basic Component with System Well Plate (6 ~ 384 well)

Vessel Holder Ordering Information

Cat No.
  • JVH001
    Micro Slide (26 x 76 mm)
  • JVH002
    Petri Dish (35 mm)
    Accommodates Nunc® & Corning® 35 mm dish
  • JVH003
    Petri Dish (60 mm)
    Accommodates Nunc®, Corning® & BD Falcon™ 60 mm dish
  • JVH004
    Petri Dish (100 mm)
    Accommodates Nunc® 100 mm dish
  • JVH005
    T-Flask (25 & 75 cm2)
    T-25: Accommodates All brands
    T-75: Accommodates Nunc® & SPL T-75 flask

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