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Researchers deserve the most optimized set of device for their research.
JuLI™ Stage’s related products will help them carry out studies in better experiment condition.

JuLI™ Br Cell History Recorder

JuLI™ Br is an affordable and easy-to-use bright field cell history recorder. It can monitor up to two different samples using dual scope (2nd scope is optional). If it doesn’t need to monitor multiple wells simultaneously with fluorescence, JuLI™ Br can be used in any cell culture work and cell research.

Run inside an incubator

The JuLI™ Br CHR can be operated inside a CO2 incubator for enough time to monitor cell culture.
It means that researcher can perform cell culture in very safe and stable condition.

  • Time-lapse image capturing
  • Automated video making
  • Cell growth and cell confluence data
  • Comparison and control of experimental samples using dual system (optional)
  • Quantitative cell counting using disposable counting chambers (optional)


  • Dimension/Weight(Scope): 300 x 190 x 188mm / 4.0kg
  • Dimension/Weight(Station): 282 x 285 x 160mm / 3.2kg
  • Magnification: Objective 4x and digital zoom
  • Image resolution: 2560 x 1920 pixels (5M)
  • Exported formats: JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG(Image), AVI(Video), CSV(Raw data)
  • Display: 10.1” LCD touch screen
  • Light source: White LED
  • Storage: 320GB hard disk drive, 4GB memory stick(USB)

JuLI™ Br Ordering Information

Cat No.
  • Device
    JuLI™ Br(Single Set)
    1 scope & 1 Station
  • Device
    JuLI™ Br(Dual Set)
    1 scope & 1 Station
  • Device
    Scope unit of JuLI™ Br
  • Accessories
    Counting starter kit
    Counting module set, Cell counting slide
  • Accessories
    XY Stage
  • Disposable
    Cell counting slide
    50 slides (100 tests)
  • Disposable
    Cell counting slide
    1,000 slides (2,000 tests)
  • Disposable
    Cell counting slide
    5,000 slides (10,000 tests)

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