Company Overview

Digital Bio; It all began with young scientists to contribute to society.

In 2000, NanoEnTek(KOSDAQ: 039860), which was founded initially as Digital Bio, was established as an academy startup company in Seoul National University with 10 scientists who were in the fields of biomedical engineering, bio-MEMS(Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems), electronics, chemistry, and optics.
The outstanding scientists were young, full of confidence, and eager to contribute their energy to the society.

Success of cell counters:
From the first personal cell counter to the FDA cleared residual white blood cell counting.

The first successful products was Countess, the world's first personal cell counter which was a shift in paradigm of cell countes. Following this success, it developed the series of other cell counters; ADAM-MC automated cell counter, ADAM-SCC somatic cell counter, and Arthur novel fluorescence cell counter. The second success came from ADAM-rWBC, the world's first benchtop residual white blood cell counter with FDA 510(k) cleared. It has been installed in more than 200 blood banks globally since its launch.

Automated cell history recorder:
Save researcher’s time and help them focus on their discovery.

JuLI™ is the world's first automated cell history recorder, and its name stands for a catch-phrse, Just Look at It. Once it was released, it set a goal to break the space barriers and time consumption for bio researchers by remote control using iPhone. With continuous improvement, it has gotten closer to the goal and has advanced to JuLI™ Stage, real-time cell history recorder with capacity up to 384 samples at once with multi-channel fluorescence. Although it cannot create time, it saves time.

NanoEnTek DNA:
Support researcher for a better world

From the start till today, NanoEnTek aims to develop innovative and easy to use products for life science research and help life science researchers consume their time and passion for discovery, instead of repetitive and tedious work. Although NanoEnTek has grown to the company with 150 employees now, global market leader is not an objective to NanoEnTek. NanoEnTek always keeps our initial mission in mind and help researchers contribute for the better world.


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